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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

::: fever?? and fever again?? :::

this is me, that time i'm just have done with my exam..that was freedom time for me... before the exam started, i got fever..3 months before the real exam came, that time i was in trial exam, i also got fever, that was really worse and bad fever i ever had.. in that time i was stay in bkt pyg, siti khajidah's house..masrina also stay there.. they were help me when i'm got fever...thank a lot guys...i never had friends like u.. Khadijah make me a porridge to eat and at the same time it was in fasting month.. 3 days i leave my fasting, coz i'm really tired to fast..thank god i have such a nice friends, Khajidah cook porridge for me, and Masrina make lime water for me too bring it at school.... one day, i really tired to wake up to go to school.. i just let them go to school,but they also refuse to go, so they also take a risk and not go to school...huhuhu.. u know that time we got paper.. history, paper 1....how ever, our teacher let's us take it again, but what i'm really sad, his cut our mark, its 10 mark..huhuhu..yeahhh, that make us learn to be healthy when exam was around the corner... then, lida n ziana came to stay at khadijah's house too...after me get fever,everyone also got fever, include khadijah's mother..huhuhu, sometimes when i remember, it like funny, but it really worse...u know what,khadijah's house like a shop, coz in her room full with bottle of 100 plus water n also medicine...what a pity...huhuhuhuhu..although we all busy in exam, but still care each other when someone in the house got fever...

At the beach with Ecah, Masrina, Khadijah, Ziana, Ania, Arif, Tierah and Lida

And now i got fever again..i don't want get fever, coz i don't want take the medicine, its make me wanna vomit..huhuhu..tired, exhausted, but i still can write my blog..hehehe.. only this can make me feel better a little bit, and can get out of me from bored situation...hmm, i hope i can get better early soon.. and one more thing, i really miss my friends.. Khadijah, Masrina, Ziana and Lida..hmm miss wanna see korean drama together..huhuhu...miss a lot that moment.. if you guys read my blog please listen to my "suara hatiku"..huhuhu my favourite song..otokajo!!!!! byee you all

With Love : Pig Rabbit

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